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Marketing is a competition for time and attention. To engage your audience, you need to create tension, by doing something unexpected. Remember: institutional doesn't mean "boring". Learn how to be different and tell your story with impact.
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Marketing is a competition for time and attention.

Regardless of how badly you want to believe you are marketing to unfeeling institutions, in reality, you are marketing to the people that work within these organizations.

Like you, they are busy with the stresses of life. To be heard and seen, you need to take some marketing risk. This creates tension and tension leads to engagement. 

Following the old adage, practise what you preach, note the video herein. Ideally, the message and the production value of the video resonates.

There will be plenty of you that don’t associate something like this with the industry. That’s ok. Ideally those that want to change the trajectory of their marketing will reach out. 

The big message, you can be progressive, dynamic, interesting, AND INSTITUTIONAL. To say otherwise, is just wrong. 

Watch the new MJ Hudson brand strategy video here.

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