5 benefits of regular employee recognition at work

Published 30/11/2022
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Workplace recognition plays a vital role in a business. It’s not just about making the receiver feel good (although that is undoubtedly part of it); it’s also about how it benefits the company as a whole. By implementing a workplace culture that revolves around giving and receiving recognition, employees become happier, and productivity levels soar. If you’re interested in learning exactly how that works, below are the five most significant benefits of regular recognition at work.
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It boosts work performance

Hearing that they’ve done well encourages employees to continue working hard. When they hear that their work is valued and noticed, they won’t want to stop! Plus, it often encourages employees to develop their skills even further. For example, if a manager praises their work on a creative project, they might put themselves forward for more creative projects in the future.

Recognition even boosts the performance of others. When they see that a colleague has received praise for their work, they will feel inspired to follow suit.

Strong workplace relationships

Creating a culture around employee recognition helps build stronger workplace relationships. To make it work, create a system that makes giving and receiving praise possible. One great way to do so is by using employee recognition programs. That way, all employees can show that they value and appreciate another team member’s work, creating stronger relationships in the workforce.

Giving recognition makes you feel great

A simple but worthwhile benefit of giving recognition is that it makes you feel great inside while also making the other person feel valued and empowered. It’s a way of bringing utter positivity into the workplace, creating a more enjoyable work environment.

Employee loyalty

Keeping employees around is vital for a successful business structure. With increased employee retention, you gain a team of loyal, dedicated employees that stick around for the long haul – it’s what every business wants!

Employee recognition can help with that. When employees feel valued for their work, they are more likely to appreciate the company in response. Plus, they will feel empowered by the praise and wish to progress with the business. In the end, employee recognition leads to more employees sticking around and climbing the ranks.

Empathetic leadership

Did you know that giving employee recognition can also make you a more empathetic leader? That’s because you are more likely to recognize a good performance when participating in an employee recognition program. In doing so, you’ll notice all the efforts that go into such a performance, making you realize how hard-working your team really is.

Becoming a more empathetic leader is great both for your employees and the company as a whole. 84% of CEOs agree that empathy leads to better leadership, leading to better business outcomes. So, your efforts to value and appreciate your employees will create a more productive and positive workplace culture.

Employee recognition should be at the top of every leader’s agenda. By providing recognition, you will notice a rise in productivity, increased retention, and better leadership across the board.

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