What are the environmental benefits of contracting a waste management company?

Published 30/11/2023
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Did you know that UK businesses and industry generate over 40 million tonnes of waste each year - enough to fill 32,000 Olympic-sized swimming pools?
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Whilst many companies work with either the local council to dispose of waste or the nearest commercial waste company, there are a number of suppliers that are dedicated to operating as sustainably as possible themselves, either through their own operations, or more specifically, by making sure that as much of the waste they collect as possible is recycled. 

As a result, working with a commercial waste disposal company can have several environmental benefits. Here are ways in which choosing the right waste management company can help to better support the environment. 

Efficient waste management

Commercial waste disposal companies specialise in efficient waste management practices. They have the expertise to handle various types of waste, ensuring proper disposal, recycling, or treatment. By entrusting waste management to professionals, businesses contribute to reducing the environmental impact of improper waste disposal.

Recycling initiatives

Many waste disposal companies prioritise recycling efforts - in fact, they make it their USP versus competitors. They sort and recycle materials that can be reused, reducing the need for new raw materials and minimising the environmental impact associated with resource extraction and manufacturing processes.

Reduced carbon footprint

Professional waste disposal companies often employ eco-friendly practices that help in lowering carbon emissions. This includes optimised waste transportation routes, energy-efficient facilities, and adherence to environmental regulations. This means more of your waste is sustainably treated, in a more sustainable way.

Proper handling of hazardous materials

Businesses often generate hazardous waste that requires careful handling and disposal. Commercial waste disposal companies are equipped to manage hazardous materials in compliance with environmental regulations, preventing the release of harmful substances into the environment.

Compliance with environmental regulations

Environmental protection laws and regulations are in place to ensure responsible waste management. Collaborating with a professional waste disposal company helps businesses stay compliant with these regulations, avoiding legal issues and ensuring that waste is handled in an environmentally responsible manner.

Encouraging sustainable practices

Many waste disposal companies actively promote sustainable practices. By working with these companies, businesses indirectly support and promote the adoption of eco-friendly initiatives. This can create a ripple effect within the business community, encouraging others to follow suit.

Waste reduction strategies

Waste disposal companies may assist businesses in implementing waste reduction strategies. This can involve assessing waste streams, identifying opportunities for waste minimisation, and implementing practices that lead to less overall waste generation. And that doesn’t necessarily mean 20 different recycling bins in the office either as many of these companies will take and then sort your waste themselves. 

Public image and CSR

Demonstrating a commitment to environmentally responsible practices enhances a business's public image. Consumers and stakeholders increasingly value companies that prioritise sustainability and CSR, so working with a waste disposal company with strong environmental credentials can positively impact an organisation’s reputation.

An investment that does even more good

Sustainably managing commercial waste can feel like an added financial burden on a business. But that shouldn't be the case. Investing in more environmentally friendly business operations, from production to waste management, support a healthier economy - and a healthy planet in which to trade. There are direct commercial benefits to doing so too. Consumers are growing increasingly weary of organisations green-washing their way to good PR. Businesses that truly embed sustainable practices within their day-to-day operations will have a competitive edge in the future - both from a PR perspective, but also from a regulatory one as laws continue to change.

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