Create your content. Reach your audience. Grow your business.

Converge is more than a publishing platform for startups, scaleups, and SMEs. It’s a content marketing machine with the added power of panel events. Converge is your chance to connect with your customers, build trust and establish your authority—on and offline—like never before.

What makes Converge great?

If you create amazing content, but nobody reads it - is it still amazing?

We think great content deserves clicks and eyeballs, which is why we help marketing teams create, publish and analyse their amazing content.

By reaching a relevant and engaged audience, Converge members avoid being caught up in the noise of large-scale publishing platforms, swallowed up by corporate competitors’ mega-budgets or getting lost in search results.

Instead, they tap into the global reach of a powerful publishing platform with the analytics and data they need to make smart moves.

But it’s more than online growth. It’s the offline growth that comes from popular, engaging events throughout the UK that Converge hosts, helping you become a trusted authority in your industry and creating new business opportunities.

Converge was created for:

Startups, scaleups, and SMEs across B2B industries, who want:

  • Greater awareness.

    Your content reaches an engaged, active audience - those who value your content and may become future customers.

  • Greater reach.

    Your reach grows to 14M global readers thanks to our syndication partners - a great boost to brand visibility. Your articles will sit alongside those from BBC, CNN, and Forbes, and we'll promote your content on our social channels and in our weekly emails.

  • Better SEO.

    Your domain authority gets a boost with solid backlinks and you build a library of valuable content, helping your organic search results.

  • Better content.

    You’ll finally gain visibility on your content’s performance with analytics that show how many people are viewing your content and clicking through to your website. Find out what’s working and what isn’t, and discover how you can better engage your audience with content they’re craving.

Interested in contributing?

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We do events too. Great ones.

Build your offline authority with great events.

There’s no doubting the power of content marketing, but nothing can replace the effectiveness of in-person relationships. We believe the best way to help you build them, and build a better business, is by hosting engaging panel events throughout the UK.

  • Learn from the experts.

    Access to experts in a variety of industries and backgrounds keeps you aware of the cutting edge developments on topics you and your customers care about, without having to put up with sales pitches or time wasting, low-energy speeches.

  • Enjoy yourself.

    Networking is easier when it's with engaged, like-minded audiences who share your interests. That's the way we like it, and that's why we strive to fill our events with only those interested in the various topics, or those wanting to build genuine business relationships. No hard-sellers allowed.

  • Share what you know.

    Converge members attend events for free and are welcome to join our panels to contribute their expertise. This is just another way for Converge members to grow their brand and their authority, both on and offline.

  • Tell us about your events.

    You can share your own events with us, just like you share your content. With our huge reach and engaged audience, we'll make sure your events get the awareness they deserve, so you can sell them out every time.