A fresh, new way to build your business

Converge combines the power of an easy-to-use publishing platform with regular social and panel events within your local business community. Make connections, build trust, and establish your authority with ease – both on and offline. All for less than your daily spend on flat whites.

What makes Converge great?

Spending the time to craft great content feels like a waste if no-one ever sees it, right? We agree.

That's why we'll not only help you create amazing content, but give you a place to share it with a large and relevant audience too.

By combining the global reach of a powerful publishing platform with popular, engaging panel events around the UK, Converge membership is not only excellent value for money, it's a no brainer for any business that sees content as a major part of their marketing strategy (like you).

What do you get with Converge?

For every article you publish on the Converge platform:

  • Promote Your Business

    You promote your business to an audience of highly engaged readers. Our stats show that our audience likes to hang around, read and return, so you get exposure to an engaged audience at an affordable price.

  • Reach Millions of People

    It's frustrating to spend time writing great content but not know if anyone's even reading it. That’s why we’re proud to have a reach of around 14 million people with our syndicated news platform partner. With Converge, your headline sits alongside news stories by international news providers like the BBC, CNN and Forbes.

  • Increase Brand Awareness

    Through increased domain authority (tech-speak for the fact that we help your website appear in search results) and solid back links with valuable authority, Converge will increase your brand awareness. You will also be creating a library of useful, informative articles to demonstrate exactly why people should work with you.

  • Analyse Your Content Performance

    The analytics on our site are easy to interpret, so you can see what’s working and what’s not – and use the data to do more of the former on your website. And, if we can suggest any improvements, like a tweak to your headline to make it more engaging or a bullet-pointed list for added clarity, we will.

Interested in contributing?

Join Converge today for just £300 + VAT

Interested in Events?

We do events too. Great ones.

Sharing content and generating exposure for your business online is great, but it's also important to be able to speak to people, and build great relationships face-to-face. That's why we host regular panel events across the country.

  • Panel Events

    Our Panel events provide an excellent opportunity to learn from a variety of people working in different positions, sectors and specialisms, and discuss relevant and important topics in a welcoming, friendly, and thought-provoking environment. They're also free for members to attend.

  • Relevant Attendees

    We fill our events with people who want to expand their connections in their local business community, and we qualify all our members, so you won’t be faced with any time wasters or feel pressurised by any hard sales pitches.

  • Join The Panel

    If you’re feeling outgoing, there are plenty of opportunities to sit on a panel too (a membership exclusive), so it’s easy to put yourself in front of your local business community.

  • Arrange Informal Meet-Ups

    And to meet people on a smaller scale? Simply head over to our online platform and click the ‘informal meeting’ button to arrange a quiet coffee with the person you want to meet.