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Morning Coffee: Your daily business news round-up (July 31st)

By Converge
July 2015

Here's our final Morning Coffee of the week. There's a particularly interesting piece on how much time we spend watching videos online. If you hadn't thought of video for your business yet, now's the time to incorporate it. Enjoy the weekend, folks! 

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1. 5 Lessons For Business From The World Of Rugby

Rugby is a noble sport and others could learn a lot from players' commitment and pride - football, we're looking at you here. But in this Rugby World Cup year could people in business learn a thing or two as well?

2. Time watching videos online will rise to an hour a day – report

More than half of viewing is done on mobile devices, says ZenithOptimedia, which also predicts a fall in television viewing next year.

3. Student Loans Company overcharges 78,000 graduates

There has been a 10pc annual increase in overpayments of student loans, with the average graduate £580 out of pocket

4. Apple Hiding A Successful New iPhone In Plain Sight

Something has been troubling me since my review of the sixth generation iPod Touch last week. I’m really enjoying the smaller form factor. I’m really enjoying having a mobile device that fits comfortably in my hand, that is easy to use with just a single thumb over the whole screen, and doesn’t require any gym-work to be able to lift it.

5. Maximising the value of the cloud: Four tips for your business

As cloud technology becomes more ubiquitous the question is moving from whether you should use it to how best to maximise its value: so here are four ways you can do just that.