The Best Digital Marketing Campaigns of 2017

By Roundhouse Digital
January 2018

Here at Roundhouse Digital, we love the work we produce, but we’re always keen to see how brands are utilising the latest trends to fuel digital marketing campaigns, improve customer service, and generate engagement.

These are our stand out campaigns from 2017:

Nike: #Breaking2 – chosen by our Head of Film James Craggs.

This campaign revolved around the impossible mission of finishing a marathon in less than 2 hours. Although Kipchoge finished with a time of 2 hours 25 seconds, the campaign was still a roaring success.

The project was announced in December, along with the Zoom Vaporfly Elite shoes, which all three athletes who took part wore during the event.

This campaign was the perfect blend of influencer and content marketing. According to data gathered by Brandwatch, the hashtag #Breaking2 has been used over 407,000 times within the time frame of the campaign. #Breaking2 has also accumulated over 2 trillion impressions, which is a record-breaking amount of impressions around one hashtag.

Spotify 2017 Wrapped – chosen by our Digital Marketing Apprentice Lucy Reed.

This campaign stood out to all of us in the office for a variety of different reasons. The personalised aspect of the campaign led to much discussion in the studio, as we reluctantly shared our listening stats and top songs.

The addition of the microsite prompts you to take action, whilst quizzing you on how well you know your own listening habits. By including the personalised statistics in a branded infographic, it is irresistible to share.

Alongside 2017 Wrapped, Spotify has also launched a campaign titled 2018 Goals. This global campaign features humorous New Year Resolutions, by using rich data to tell the stories of its users with an optimistic twist. Don’t worry this one is anonymous.

Sainsbury’s: Food Dancing- chosen by our Digital Director Michael Armstrong.

This joyful food-focused advert is a standout campaign for food retailers. The video shows the diverse cast happily dancing whilst cooking.

This multi-platform campaign is set to a specially created track that has also been released on Spotify. Sainsbury’s is also creating the first Spotify Branded Moments sponsorship in the UK, sponsoring the “UK Dinner” playlist.

The advert closes with the phrase “#fooddancing is living well” which ties in the campaign to their company values.

Looking forward to 2018, the growth of voice search should have a positive impact on our SEO strategies.

Chatbots were a large trend in 2017, handling customer service queries and providing engagement. We can only see this becoming a fundamental asset for brands in 2018.

Amazon will emerge as one of the top advertising platforms. When it comes to searching for products there is no equal, it is reported that 70% of us use Amazon at some point during the consumer journey.

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