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Mediaworks analyses the Digital Performance of the North East’s Top 200 Businesses

By Mediaworks
February 2019

Mediaworks Online Marketing has launched The North East Top 200 Digital Edition, an online analysis that reviews the digital performance of businesses with the highest turnovers in the region.

Using data from PwC’s annual North East Top 200, the digital marketing agency completed a digital audit of the companies included by using a range of industry benchmarking tools and statistics that can measure online success.

The league table highlights key metrics that businesses can use to compare their position on the North East Top 200 to their ranking for site visibility, backlink profile, domain authority, page authority, number of employees, and turnover.

Operations Director, Gary Smith commented: “Our project found that some of the largest businesses in the North East weren’t performing well online, which does make us wonder whether they’re future-proofed for the digital era. It’s important that businesses start making appropriate investments to capture the consumer of tomorrow.”

You can view The North East Top 200 Digital Edition produced by Mediaworks on their website.

Visit the Top 200 League Table