How to Increase Sales (For Microsoft Teams Users)

By Mio
June 2020

Every sales team wants one thing: to increase sales. But many businesses forget a critical part of the sales process: communication.

The end result?

- Disconnected sales teams
- Deals lost
- Delayed contracts

This blog post is for you if your sales team is using Microsoft Teams.

Integrations with CRMs show you who’s hitting their targets. You can even host one-on-one conversations with agents to coach them on closing a sale.

But there’s a problem. You’re only communicating with your sales team internally. What about all the external people you need to reach?

There are more stakeholders involved in your sales strategy, and they don’t all use Microsoft Teams.

Mio created Universal Channels to streamline the communication part of your sales strategy.

Read on to see how Universal Channels helps you increase sales without leaving Microsoft Teams.
Win more deals at a faster rate

Your sales team is constantly under pressure to increase sales. They spend their days chasing prospects and looking for new opportunities.

All the while, customers are asking you questions about what you can do for them.

The most common scenario leaves sales teams switching from one tool to the next. They’re answering questions from Microsoft Teams guests, prospects on Slack, and partners on Cisco Webex Teams.

You need your environment to let you respond to questions about your product or service in real-time.

Switching from one environment to another means queries often slip through the cracks. What’s more, your employees can’t deliver the kind of consistent speed your leads expect.

You could go back to relying on time-consuming emails and chaser calls, but time is money, right?

How many times have you left a message for your prospect then sent a follow-up email? Only for them to go cold for three weeks until they need something at a moment’s notice.

When you install a universal channel, you remove the need to jump from one place to the next when responding to customers.

With Mio Universal Channels, you can respond to prospects on Webex Teams, Slack, and Microsoft Teams.

All that, and you never need to leave your own Microsoft Teams tenant.
Increase sales by staying in Microsoft Teams

Improving your prospecting strategy increases your chances of converting prospects into sales. After all, no-one’s going to buy from you if you can’t provide quick answers to their questions.

Mio Universal Channels accelerate sales cycles by connecting sales teams with their prospects. That means that your people can answer questions faster and close deals quicker.
Increase sales by nurturing prospects where they prefer to work

You start by answering questions about your product or service. After that, you continue by sharing documents, linking to videos, or arranging calls with buyers.

For many sales teams, this means creating a sales process that jumps across multiple channels.

So, answer this. How easy is your sales cycle for the person on the other end?

With universal channels, you can simplify the sales journey and increase sales.

If you manage multiple accounts, you can set up a universal channel for each client and invite everyone that needs to be part of the sales process. This includes your sales team, legal experts, and your prospects.

This way, you can nurture prospects by:

- Sending one-to-one messages
- Launching group conversations between your sales team and buyers
- Working on proposals together
- Getting feedback from stakeholders
- Sharing documents and supporting content that highlights your product
- Arranging group or one-on-one calls between teams
- Moving prospects from one stage to another

Ask any salesperson when they make the most calls or send the most emails, and the answer is the last day of the month.

Instead of this mad rush, you need something more cohesive.

Mio Universal Channels delivers a simple and reliable space for constant communication. It keeps you connected to your most important stakeholders and eliminates the men in the middle. Everyone is aware of the deadline you’re working towards, and you can all make sure you meet it.

You keep the prospect engaged by giving them constant access to your team on their preferred app.

See how Mio Universal Channels bring sales prospects, teams, and stakeholders together in the video below.

Pulling the right people into a conversation helps teams to address issues faster. You have more chances to seal the deal and continue to increase sales.
Increase sales by connecting with every decision-maker

When you’re making a sale, how many people does your team talk to?

If you sell SaaS software, you start by interacting with the product manager. They engage the head of product, who then needs approval from the CTO, and so on.

If investing in your product or service requires buy-in from shareholders, then you might also have to present the product to them.

Creating guest accounts on Microsoft and Webex Teams is fine if everyone involved uses the same platform. However, that’s not reality.

The CTO could rely exclusively on Webex Teams, while product managers operate through Microsoft Teams. The people you’re talking to might even be using multiple apps at once.

Last year, we conducted research into app usage in the workplace. Results showed 91% of businesses use at least 2 messaging apps.

In fact, the average number per business was 3.3.

Universal channels connect you with every decision-maker on every platform.

You can talk to:

- Procurement teams for licensing options
- IT teams for security requirements
- End users for a better insight into prospect needs

Your sales team can connect with prospects regardless of which platform they use

New people who need to join the decision-making process can catch up on discussions they’ve missed. Business leaders can scroll back and check on the answer to a previous question when they’re concerned about an issue.

Your teams spend less time sifting through email chains and chasing leads, and more time closing sales.
Increase sales by reducing touchpoints

How often do you lose time in the sales journey?

Let’s qualify what we mean by lose time:

- Spending all your time sifting through email chains
- Jumping between different apps and sales reports
- Popping in and out of conversations with other team members

In the sales world, it can often feel like you’re spending more time chasing things up than getting stuff done.

You switch from one app to the next, trying to keep track of sales playbooks, client requests, and team members.

You need to get your time back. Mio Universal Channels give you this.

You replace multiple apps with your preferred Microsoft Teams environment and your prospects join from their favored platform.

You gain all the time back from switching between apps and searching through emails.

It’s the ultimate way to keep the entire sales team on the same page.

When everyone can access the right people and information, sales happen faster, more naturally, and more often.
Universal channels align the sales experience

Whether you’re working on nurturing a particular prospect, or trying to improve your sales cycle one step at a time, Mio Universal Channels help.

With Mio Universal Channels, you keep communications moving in real-time.

There’s no switching between apps or trying to align conversations between different tools.

Mio Universal Channels give you complete control over the sales cycle, from start to finish.

How long have you been craving that?

To recap, with Mio Universal Channels, you:

- Win more deals at a faster rate by responding quickly to prospects
- Nurture prospects where they prefer to work
- Connect with every decision maker in one environment
- Spend more time making sales, and less time chasing up information

If this sounds like something you’d like to get your hands on, start your next sales cycle in a universal channel here.

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