Digital Breakfast

By Roundhouse Digital
April 2018

On the 23rd March, 2018, we hosted our first Digital Breakfast at the Crowne Plaza Newcastle. It featured expert speakers from across the digital sector, covering topics from GDPR and Artificial Intelligence, to website design and data usage. Read on to see how the day went.

Our Digital Breakfast, How to leverage digital, data and machine learning within your business, had some amazing guest speakers, including Ben Alexander from PwC, Phil Jackman from Guerrilla Working, James Ealey from NGI Solutions, Steve Henderson from Communicator, and our very own Michael Armstrong.

Our aim was to provide an insight into how your businesses can use technology to help improve evolving digital experiences.

As well as bringing together and enriching our local business community, the breakfast session brought together non-digital and digital companies to discover what like-minded professionals are doing to help move their businesses forward in the digital era.

The morning started at 8am with hot drinks and pastries, followed by an opportunity to network with old friends and new. We then began our talks on how to leverage digital in your workplace.

Michael Armstrong explored the various ways in which data can help shape the design of websites, from improving the overall user experience to creating personalised experiences.

James Ealey from NGI Solutions talked in depth about how data can be used positively by your business; helping your bottom-line, providing opportunities for staff investment, measuring impact and identifying future growth.

Ben Alexander gave an insight into how organisations are using data and analytics to inform decision making and performance; how to begin your machine learning journey to better understand customer needs, along with improving financial outcomes.

Steve Henderson, Communicator’s Compliance Officer, attempted to simplify the complex world of GDPR – something we are all highly aware of ahead of May’s deadline. He managed to breakdown the issue into actionable chunks that were well received by the audience.

Phil Jackman talked about the role of data and digital, including the issues, what is being done to open up data, particularly in the public sector, and, briefly, cyber resilience and GDPR.

“Interesting topic and enlightening and encouraging for future ways of working, engaging guest speakers and visuals” – Shirley Blacklock, The eaga Trust.

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