Data-driven Supply Chain Modelling - Whitepaper

November 2020

Overcoming technology challenges, for logistics businesses of all maturity levels

"68% of T&L heads expect changing distribution channels to disrupt their business within the next five years"
PWC’s 2018 CEO Survey

Today’s customer demands a fast, integrated and personalised experience, available through diverse channels. Always on and always connected. To remain competitive businesses in logistics are looking for ways to transform their supply chain modelling and adopt new delivery models that drive operational effectiveness.

Ultimately, the outcome of this journey depends on how mature the organisation is. So how do you know if your logistics business is ready for the digital future?

Organisations of different sizes and maturity levels require a different approach to supply chain modelling. Based on the five-stage logistics maturity model first introduced by Gartner, we created an all-encompassing guide to technology solutions addressing the needs of transportation companies of all shapes and sizes.

Overview. What’s inside:

1. Social, business and technology trends disrupting the logistics market
2. How logistics businesses are pursuing digital transformation and why maturity level matters
3. Gartner’s five stages of logistics maturity
4. Evaluating maturity level and designing the right transformation strategy for your needs

This whitepaper will help you find the right technology solution to maximize the efficiency of your logistics business.

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