12th Nov'20

Managing distressed students - for personal tutors and academic staff

2pm - 3:30pm
By Levi Pay

This session is tailored for personal tutors and other academic colleagues in higher education and colleges. This live online event will explore practical ways for you to respond confidently when supporting distressed students, including students at higher levels of risk.

Through this session, you will:

Explore the nature of distress
1. Understand key practical ways to maintain the boundaries of our academic roles when working with students
2. Consider practical ways to build a collaborative relationship with a student who is distressed
3. Know what to do when you're aware of a student who is presenting a high level of risk

Group discount: If you would like to book 4 or more places on this session for your team, you are welcome to contact us at info@plinthhouse.com and we can offer you a discounted rate.

We can also deliver bespoke events like this, not just for people working in education, but to help individuals and teams respond to distressed people in other contexts (e.g. distressed service users, distressed customers). Contact us to discuss your requirements.