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Marketers are from Mars and Sales Reps are from Venus

By Abby Sorensen
Issue No. 08 The Content One
July 2020

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Monkey thinking

A good chunk of the very limited marketing budget is spent on things they don’t always agree with. Your CEO wants to “make a big splash” at a trade show, not realizing that’s going to eat up next quarter’s entire budget, but marketers have to do it anyway because that’s what the CEO said to do. Those new tools your CIO just implemented don’t integrate with your marketing software, but the marketing budget still has to cover part of the cost (even though it splinters marketing data across disparate systems).

Marketers have no idea what the executive team expects from them because they can’t even get on the executive team’s calendars to ask. And as soon as they think they know, executives change their minds. Plus, executives think sales is way more important than marketing. Even your new “VP of sales and marketing” who was hired to bridge the gap between your teams isn’t helpful because that VP came up through the sales ranks and has zero marketing experience. Plus, when sales are up, the sales team gets all the credit. But when sales are down, fingers are pointed at marketing.

In a nutshell, being a B2B marketer is a hard and thankless job.

If any of this rings true, you aren’t alone. It’s a sign that you need to get your marketing and sales teams to the same table. Have marketers start sitting in on sales forecasting meetings. Invite a sales rep to sit in on your next content strategy meeting. Ask your executive teams to create a common set of goals and metrics that both sales and marketing can work toward.

Republished with permission from the Follow Your Buyer website.