Why a Bid Writing Business is The Best Kept Secret to Winning You Work
Published 14/07/2021
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A bid writing business can increase your chances of success when you’re tendering for work. If you don’t have the time or resources to write a winning bid in house, a bid writing business can help. Here are the reasons why...
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1. They save you time and resources

A bid writing business can save your company time and resources. If you’re going for a tender and you’ve never tendered before, it’ll take up a lot of your time. Even if you have tendered before and you’re going for a bigger bid, it can take up time and resources. Your business may not be able to afford to have employees reassigned from their regular jobs to write a response. A bid submission can require multiple additional supporting documents, policies and procedures. The word count of some questions can range from 300 – 2,000+.

Outsourcing to a bid writing business can enable you and your team to focus on their jobs. Your time and resources can be left alone while the bid team get to work writing you a winning bid. You can delegate these jobs to bid writing experts who you know will complete each task to a high standard.

2. Experts in tender writing

You want to be looking for a bid writing business that is an expert in bid writing. This means they know how to formulate winning responses. They don’t claim to be industry experts. They are experts in the art of bid writing itself. This means they will be able to help a wide range of clients with their tenders. From ice cream tenders to topographical surveys – they know how to cater your experience to the requirements of the specification.

3. Increase your chances of success

Each bid writing business will likely proudly note its success rate. When deciding on which bid writing business you’re going to use, it’s best to take note of this. Then you can have a good idea of your chances of success.

If you’ve never tendered for contracts before, using a bid writing business will increase your chances of success. They can increase your chances of success if you are already tendering for work and not seeing results. They can go over your past submissions and help you work on gaps in your content. This can then increase your chances of success going forward.

Increasing your chances of success means winning you more work. The more contracts you win, the more experience you will have. The more experience you have, the bigger contracts you can go for. This can enable your business to grow.

What services does a bid writing business offer?

The range of services offered will vary from bid writing company to bid writing company. The best will offer a wide range of services such as the following:

Tender opportunity tracking

Ideally, you want to find a bid writing business that can aid with tender opportunity tracking. You should be looking for the right tender for your business. Some bid writing businesses offer this, and it can help streamline the process. Ideally, you should be looking for sector-specific portals where you can filter the results by keyword, location or budget.

Our sister company, Hudson Discover, hosts 11 sector-specific tendering portals. They are easy to navigate and can be used as a time-saving tool.

Sectors include:

  • Creative Tenders
  • Healthcare Tenders
  • Facilities Tenders
  • Construction Tenders
  • Technology Tenders
  • Logistics Tenders
  • Research Tenders
  • Consultancy Tenders
  • HR Tenders
  • Finance Tenders
  • Hospitality Tenders

Once you have signed up, you’ll have access to your own Account Manager. They can answer any questions you may have about the tender process in general. There’s no reliance on inaccurate CPV codes, allowing you to find relevant opportunities for your business.

Bid management

Your bid management process and approach are crucial to achieving winning results. In the majority of cases, buyers will require:

  • High quality written responses
  • Evidence of qualifications/accreditations
  • Case studies
  • Company CVs
  • Economic financial standing
  • Pricing documents
  • Policies and procedures

Some will be able to manage the whole tender process from start to finish on your behalf.

Bid writing

As mentioned above, a bid writing business will likely have extensive experience writing for numerous business sectors. Some tenders may require a bit more creativity when it comes to document design. Therefore, making the document look nice in line with the specifications is a given. They can really take the design of your bid to the next level.

Evaluators will appreciate the extra effort that goes into a nicely formatted response. Put yourself in their shoes when faced with marking 50+ bid responses. They will favour a clearly formatted tender response over pages of blocks of text. Bullet points, subheadings and tables are a great way to break up the text.

Bid submission

Writing the tender is one thing but submitting it can be another kettle of fish altogether. Some tender submission portals are complex, temperamental, and notoriously crash at the critical moment. A bid writing business knows how they work, using them almost daily. They are also able to easily navigate around the portals with greater ease. They can take the stress out of the submission and submit it early.

Bid review

Reviewing past bid responses can be greatly beneficial going forward. If you’ve been tendering for work but aren’t seeing success a bid writing business can help. They will be able to go through your past responses along with the specification. It can be helpful as they can show you where there might be gaps in your knowledge. They can help point out where you should have expanded on something where you could have delved into greater detail.

Bid writing training

If you are completely new to tendering, you may be interested in bid writing training. Some tender writing businesses will be able to offer you bid writing training. This can help you get your boilerplate responses down. These can be useful and referred back to as a base to answer future tender questions. This training can help signpost how to answer questions from the buyer.

So, now you know why a bid writing business is the best-kept secret to winning you work. They can offer your business a range of services that can help take the pressure off the tender process. They are able to increase your chance of success and can expertly write your bid response. Outsourcing to a bid writing business could be one of the best business decisions you make.

Need help when tendering for work?

No matter the sector you’re in, buyers care about the quality of your tender response. If you’re unsure where to start, we can help. Here at Hudson Succeed, we pride ourselves on being bid writing experts.

We hold an 87% success rate and have over 60 years of collective bid writing experience. We offer four levels of bid writing support to suit every business need.

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