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Published 20/11/2022
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Amy Beckett has released a new novel based on the experiences of author and her imagination combined. Here Antonia Brindle, PR and marketing expert, board business advisor and trustee, reviews the book, with her recommendations whether to read it.
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“Firstly, it is a good chunk of a book. Well over 400 pages. If this is a good story, it is going to be a satisfying read. A good quality paper and cover, I was excited to turn the pages, and find out what Amy had created.

“The story follows the life of Holly Burnett who bored with her safe job, launches into a life in the adult entertainment industry. The chapters move quickly, and the writing is solid, creating clear imagery in the reader’s mind’s eye. 

“The open honesty carries a freshness of tone, a candid account, that belies it novel status. There is real knowledge and experience in these pages, forming a strong commentary for liberated women.

“Carrying 50 Shades tones, there is enough graphic content to be exciting, and enough real-life relationships to connect with Holly. She is a fabulous main character, full of sass and colour, but with enough self-doubt for all women to warm to her.

“Holly’s self-discovery is enlightening and whilst the book could be classed as erotic, it is also a great life study. Sadness, funniness, and annoyance at frustrations are heaped out in equal measure.

“It is an emotional rollercoaster where you are rooting for Holly, her wonderful granddad, the girls, her friends and her colleagues. It illuminates the trials that those in the sex industry face in their private lives and gives a perspective I personally haven’t encountered before.

“Amy Beckett has clearly had a life and a half, and she can clearly write. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and will be reading it again on my winter sun holiday at the end of this month. It is worth the investment and will sit on your bookshelf to be revisited time after time.

“I’d go so far as to say that whilst it is a very decent read on kindle, there is something very noble about reading this book in paperback. Why not treat yourself or the women in your family for Christmas. It truly is a gift that keeps giving.”

From Secretary to Stripper is available on Amazon in both e-book and paperback.

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