Reddit ready to accept cryptocurrencies again
Published 04/05/2018
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In news that will almost certainly be met with excitement by the cryptocurrency community, Reddit, probably the most popular internet “forum”, with one of the biggest communities in the world (if that's a fair way to describe it), is ready to support Bitcoin again.

Around a month and a half after it decided to stop accepting Bitcoin, Reddit is about to do a u-turn. In fact, they might even be interested in supporting more than just Bitcoin this time around, with Ethereum and Litecoin being muted as potential additions.

The reason that Reddit stopped accepting Bitcoin back at the end of March was due to high network fees at the time, according to Reddit CTO, Christopher Slowe. However, since then fees have been coming down to more acceptable levels.

Should Ethereum and Litecoin also be accepted, cryptocurrencies that carry much lower network fees, and much faster transaction times, it will be interesting to see which of the three becomes the most popular on Reddit.

What do you think of the news? Is it another step towards mass adoption, or will it make no difference? Your thoughts are welcome, as ever, below.

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