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Published 09/05/2023
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As a menopause care crisis is announced, with NHS waiting lists over a year long, a North East based GP has revealed her newly launched service that supports women through a time of life when access to information and advice can be of the utmost importance to health and wellbeing.
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Dr Trish Davis has founded Rebalance Your Life, a service which offers person centred care with menopause and midlife male health at the heart of the conversation.

Dr Trish graduated from Edinburgh University in 1998 before moving to Newcastle upon Tyne where she trained to become a GP. Since then, she has completed the ‘Diploma of the Royal College of Obstetricians’ and Gynecologists’ and the ‘Diploma of the Faculty of Family Planning’, also receiving a distinction in the ‘Membership of the Royal College of General Practitioners’ examinations.

On why she saw the need for such a clinic, Dr Trish said:

“Whilst I have always loved being a GP, over the last two decades I have witnessed poor care in relation to the management of perimenopausal / menopausal women. Indeed with reports through national sources stating that women face waiting until 2025 for NHS appointments, this access to care is even more important and so I decided to dedicate time to the care of this by enrolling for the Certificate in Menopause Care from the British Menopause Society.

“I believe that menopause care should be individualised, through a ‘whole person approach’ using the latest clinical evidence and the best holistic approach available. It is vital to take hormones seriously as they affect so much including both mood and memory. Fast action, which is easier to access privately, and the right replacement therapy or treatment can be significant in both prevention of disease and in the control of symptoms.

“According to a report run this week, at least 6,700 women in England are on waiting lists for menopause treatment, waiting an average 232 days – or more than seven months – for referral to a specialist clinic (according to Freedom of Information data obtained by i). That is almost double the NHS treatment target of 18 weeks following a referral by their GP.”

Based at LASE Cosmetic in Jesmond, Dr Trish offers face to face, virtual and telephone appointments meaning she can help women from not only the region but much further afield.

The correction of hormone imbalance By Dr Trish is not restricted to women. In addition, men can have testosterone management in accordance with guidance from the British Society for Sexual Medicine.

Dr Trish concluded: “This private access, to be able to restore vitality at the time when it most needed, to a fully qualified doctor is a bold step in taking medicine and personal experience to the next level. I’m taking over 20 years’ experience and as recommended by the British Menopause Society, and I use regulated Body Identical hormone therapy which is the safest kind of HRT. The decision whether to take HRT together with the dose and duration is made on an individualised basis after discussing the benefits and risks with each patient. Too many people are struggling unnecessarily and with the simple booking of an appointment and paying for advice, life can be rebalanced!”

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