No Time For Later Released to Guide Young Adults

Published 28/04/2022
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A new book is set to become essential reading for young adults as No Time For Later is released to the market.
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Written by Dr Kaltume “Peace” Akubo, the guide assists with goal setting, and has been published alongside a sister book, the Goal Setter Workbook. Here, Sintra Anthony reviews the books, both as a parent and as a mentor for young people in business.

“Dedicated to those who want to give goal setting a boost, the cover is colourful and inspiring, and each page carries a bright and positive design. The book starts with acclaims to the great and good such as Abraham Lincoln and Thomas Eddison, to remind people that even the most successful throughout history had to remember to set goals and not give up.

“Dr Kaltume’s influence comes through as very personal. The book speaks to you as she would in person, even opening with a warm, Hello dear. I really liked this as it felt like this journey and the book was going to focus on the reader completely. From the get-go, it asks the student to write current goals down, so they can be held accountable. That’s a powerful way to start.

“The use of emoji’s will speak to the audience this is aimed at well, and the instructions, even to make sure to read the introduction before proceeding into the book, are very clear.

“The tone is also ideal for young adults. It is upbeat, current, fast paced and its use of exclamation points injects an excitement into the pages. It fills it with personality and draws you onto the next page time after time.   

“The writer’s use of her experience to show the difference that goal setting can make are impactful, and the continuing use of tasks throughout keep the reader engaged in investing their own thoughts, not just getting bogged down with others’ beliefs. Again, a powerful way to learn.

“The book refers to teens throughout, in my opinion this book is ideal for 11- to 16-year-olds in the UK. When looking at the level of the personal, academic and career goals this age group is when formulation is taking place, and through those stages this book would indeed be invaluable.

“The breakdown of what a goal is, is clear and concise, separating objectives, ambitions and goals into straight forward channels. The advice on keeping sensible, attainable aims as goals is also valuable when considering teens are acutely aware of failure. I also felt the advice to make sure goals are your own and not what influencers such as parents and teachers would ask you set is brilliant – this is ideal for starting to form a teen’s own independent future. So important!

 “Key to Dr Kaltume’s advice is ‘Ensure that whatever goal you set is related to your passion and future. Don’t set empty or irrelevant goals.’ This is so true and something that young people need to consider daily. Using historical figures is a perfect way to illuminate to this age group how others have succeeded… the quotes from Albert Einstein for example root the advice in evidence, which many young people need to appreciate often before they choose it as a right course or action for themselves.

“Well written, fast paced and broken up by sensible sound bites, such as SMART goals, this book is penned in such a clever way that I actually believe that schools should consider using it as part of the learning process. Parents, group leaders, and young people’s mentors certainly should! When used alongside the Goal Setting Workbook results are sure to be achieved.

“The workbook is perfectly in tune with current book trends, with blanks pages for personal goals, thoughts, lessons learnt and affirmations. Akin to a gratitude journal in its feel, this workbook is what will help keep young people firmly on their track. I’d like to see a version for people in business, decision makers, and parents too! It is very transferable across many sectors of society where goals are all important.

“Well done Dr Kaltume! Hats off to you for an excellent creation of books which I can certainly recommend will without doubt help young people…..”

The two books are available to purchase from Amazon.

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