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Published 31/05/2018
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Converge will be attending Blockchain Summit in London on the 26th and 27th of June as a Media Partner of the leading dedicated blockchain for business event.

Blockchain Summit London is a 2-day conference and exhibition connecting over 2,500 industry leaders, business decision makers, tech innovators, and investors.

The likes of Accenture, IBM, Intel, and PwC will be there, as well as over 120 speakers from a range of leading businesses. It promises to be an amazing event with plenty of fantastic opportunities to network with the people and businesses powering the blockchain revolution.

Founder of Converge, James Tennant, will be in attendance at the event and is eager to learn as much as possible, “At its core, Converge is all about the sharing of intelligent and educational business, blockchain, and cryptocurrency content in a way that's easily digestible.”

“To ensure we're always sharing the best news, advice, and opinions, we need to educate ourselves as much as possible. With that in mind, Blockchain Summit is going to provide an awesome opportunity to learn about the businesses operating in this space, and their ideas, as well as the latest advancements in the tech, and share as much of it as we can with our audience. We're very excited to be going.”

Converge has recently created a subsection on its platform dedicated to cryptocurrencies and the blockchain called 'Coinverge'.

James explains, “We knew that we were going to be very active when it came to producing content on the blockchain and cryptocurrencies. So, it made sense to create the Coinverge section to give us a place to post that content and for those interested to find and digest it without having to learn all the technical jargon that you find in a lot of blockchain and crypto-related content.

“It's our mission to create content that everyone can understand and enjoy reading. We believe that the more people know about this exciting tech, the faster we'll see the adoption of it. And if our content can help speed up adoption, then we'll have done our part.”

The creation of Coinverge has already led to the development of partnerships between Converge and companies in the cryptocurrency space, although details are under wraps right now. “We'd love to be able to tell everyone who we've been developing these partnerships with,” says James, “but we're not quite ready to spread the word. So, for now, we'll kip a lid on it. But watch this space.”

If you'd like to attend Blockchain Summit in London on the 26th and 27th of June then click the button below. Converge has secured a 20% discount on ticket prices for its members and readers, so take advantage of that today and we'll see you at the conference.

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