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Published 11/11/2020
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Tendering can often be a difficult and daunting prospect for any business looking to venture into the public sector. With tenders ranging from numerous different scopes and sizes they can also be presented in the following formats:
Article cover

- PQQs
- ITTs
- RFPs

Tenders can often be in excess of 10,000 words, with multiple documents needing to be attached and sometimes designed.

Standing out from the crowd can be difficult in tendering. Having a bid consultant on hand to guide you through this process can be very beneficial for your business’ growth.

Managing tender submissions and searching for opportunities whilst handling your business’ daily operations can be difficult. Having a bid consultant to alleviate this stress can be one way to ensure growth when public sector tendering.

Below are the benefits of working with a bid consultant can bring to you and your company.

What is a Bid Consultant?

One of the most frequently asked questions we receive is ‘Do I need a bid consultant?’, and to answer that, it is first of all necessary to break down what a bid consultant is and the responsibilities that they have. A bid consultant carries out the following:

Tender Writing

One of the major aspects to tender submissions is, of course, tender writing. Bid consultants can work alongside your business to develop high quality, detailed responses that help you stand out from your competitors.

Here at Hudson, we have a team of expert Tender Writers who operate across multiple different sectors and can work alongside your business to create stand out detailed and technical content.

Opportunity tracking

Bid consultants can also take the strain of hunting for opportunities off your hands. Bid consultants can work alongside your business to understand every key aspect of your operations and track opportunities that are relevant to you.

Managing tenders

Bid consultants can help you with managing your tender submissions on an ongoing basis. This involves organising all of your company literature, developing detailed case studies, tracking opportunities, writing responses and assessing strategic growth.

Outsourcing this can provide your business with the breathing space to carry on with its normal operations safe in the knowledge that all your tendering endeavours are being looked after by experts.

Our service

Tender Writing is a bid management consultancy service designed for businesses who:

- Don’t know how to tender;
- Don’t have any writing capabilities or expertise in-house, or;
- Need support to complete ad-hoc bids from start to finish.

We understand bid management can be difficult and this is why we developed Tender Writing. We ensure businesses embed a strategic approach to their bidding efforts.

If your organisation has ad-hoc tender requirements and you want to outsource your bid management, Tender Writing is the right choice for you.

Our approach

Working as a core part of your team, we will be as invested in your business growth as you are. We will feed into your existing sales team with full accountability for bid production and quality response results.

Working with your business closely allows us to better understand your objectives and accurately answer the tender responses. For this reason, we always conduct a free consultation, prior to commencing the work. This ensures we see a quick return on investment.

At Hudson Succeed we only hire highly-skilled bid writers, trained to write engaging and persuasive bids. Our team of bid consultants have decades of experience and proudly hold an 87% bid success rate. Our aim is to allow you to rest assured that your bid requirements are in good hands.

As a team, we’re focused and intelligent bid management individuals, all wordsmiths in our own right. We have extensive vocabularies; exceptional grammar and a deep-rooted understanding of what buyers want from tender responses.

This means we can advise our clients on the best possible actions to take when tendering. From experience, we know the types of responses the buyer is looking for.

How we work

At Hudson Succeed, we like to keep things simple. We don’t create overcomplicated processes within our bid management consultancy services.

Our working practice appeals to many different types of businesses. We understand the tendering process can seem quite daunting if it’s something you’ve never experienced before.

We also understand that learning this process consumes a very sparse and crucial element: time.

If you already have a busy workload and wonder how you’ll ever get around to learning about tendering, that’s where our services fit in.

We deploy a dedicated team of bid management consultants to take the burden of this extra workload.

Why pay one person’s wage when you can pay less and have access to a dedicated team of experienced professionals?

Understanding your strategic goals

Although this sounds simple, understanding what strategy to take in public sector tendering can be vital in hitting the ground running and seeing consistent growth. Having a bid consultant who is invested in your business’ growth can assist you with the following:

Who are your main competitors?

Understanding your key competitors and what it is they offer can help you understand how you can stand out and exceed. Bid consultants can assess this for you and help you understand the direction you should be taking in submitting winning responses.

Breaking down tender documents

Although this does not sound like a huge challenge, tender documents can often be well in excess of 50 pages long with very specific requirements. Bid consultants can go over each aspect of the tender documents with a fine-tooth comb to ensure every aspect of what the buyer is looking for is covered.

Enhancing your bid/no bid decision making

Understand the right bids to go for can save your business a lot of time, money and effort in tendering. Bid consultants can help you with refining your approach towards the decision-making process and can ensure that the opportunities you go for are right for you. Being halfway through a tender and realising that the opportunity isn’t quite right for you can be a waste of your business’ precious time.

Researching the incumbent supplier

This can be vital in ensuring your strategic approach to writing winning bids. Bid consultants can conduct thorough research into the incumbent supplier of contracts and can understand what is needed for you to go above and beyond what they provide. If a buyer can see that you are proposing a better, more efficient way of carrying out the services than what is currently being provided then you will score highly in your submissions.

Keeping on top of market changes

Staying ahead of legislative changes can be vital to ensuring your bid strategy remains current and that you plan ahead for market changes. Bid consultants can remain abreast of all legislative changes and ensure that your strategy is aligned with all market changes. Bid consultants can assess all changes and provide you with insight into the impacts this can have on your business and certain changes to be aware of.

Assessing previous tender responses:

Seeing a lack of consistent success in your tender responses can be a frustrating affair and not taking the time to step back and understand why can lead to you consistently repeating your past failures. Hiring a bid consultant to help you with this can provide you with:

Analysis of past failures – Bid consultants can go over your past responses and work out trends. Bid consultants will assess your feedback from past buyers and feed this into a strategy for positive change moving forward. There may be aspects of your responses which are scoring you lower than your competitors, for example, you may be forgetting to mention key aspects of your organisation such as relevant experience, accreditations or processes.

Analysis of past success – Receiving feedback that you lost a bid can often be hard to take, especially when you feel like you have put plenty of time and effort into developing your responses. However, hiring a bid consultant to look over your past responses can help you understand that not every loss needs to be taken in a negative sense. There may be aspects of your responses that you are scoring really well on and a bid consultant can help you build upon these aspects and really play on your strengths, whilst helping improve other aspects.

Assessing added value:

A key aspect of developing winning content is going above and beyond what the buyer is expecting. Bid consultants can help you assess what added value you can bring to the table and will ensure your business go above and beyond other competitors. For example, bid consultants can:

Review your social value offering – This is a key aspect of tender writing and is becoming more and more of a common requirement in public sector tendering. Bid consultants can help you establish what social value offerings you can provide and can help you with developing responses which provide tangible social value benefits to a contract.

Assessing your company’s unique attributes – Bid consultants can help you in assessing and establishing your company’s unique selling point that can help you stand out from the crowd. Whether it be a particular wealth of experience in previous contracts you have, specialist individuals who work for your company or innovations you can provide, establishing this and implementing this into your responses can help strengthen your tender submission.

How we stand out in the crowd

Not only do we provide our Tender Writing service, which seeks to ensure a quick return on investment, but we also provide support via Tender VLE. The VLE resource is a free e-learning platform, dedicated to informing businesses about the ins and outs of tendering.

This was a UK-first, meaning we really understand how to appeal to clients in our market. We are a sound choice for bid management, no matter if you’re a well-established business or SME.

This is why outsourcing your bid writing can be so easily done. We take the stress out of the process. Ultimately, this means you don’t have to worry about getting to grips with new processes in a short amount of time.

We will master the production of your tender responses, whilst overseeing your bid management and the final submission. To do this, we carefully extract the information from your team in a structured and streamlined way.

We have a step-by-step guide for how we manage the bid process at Hudson:

- We will examine your needs carefully, ensuring that we deliver the best service for you.
- Assign the best, and most experienced Bid Writer in your field, to the project.
- Liaise with your team to extract all the information that will help us to showcase your business in the best light.
- Develop an efficient bid plan to ensure that both parties are kept informed throughout the process and time management milestones can be agreed.
- Start the bid writing process!
- Manage clarification questions as they are uploaded to the portal and make any necessary adaptions.
- Our senior team will make a final assessment of the content and sign off the finished content.
- Once this content is agreed by you, we will upload the bid and required documentation before pressing the all-important submit button.

Investing in businesses is our forte

Here at Hudson Succeed, we understand every business is different. We comprehend your quirks, unique originalities and selling points because that’s what makes you, you!

More or less time may be needed for different bids. This depends on the number and complexities in the bids you go for.

For this reason, all bids are quoted individually. However, once we have worked with your business, we will be able to reduce the price of our Tender Writing service for further work, in most circumstances. This is due to the bank of information we will have collated on your previous bid. This will be factored into your next quote.

Bid management consultancy comes in many stages. Tender Writing is just one of the great options for your business.

We believe in being completely transparent. We pride ourselves on our honesty with clients and we will always advise you if we don’t believe the bid you have chosen is the best one for your business. This is why our bid management consultancy services prove so popular.

Bid management consultancy for all

As part of the Hudson Group, our overall goal is to make the tendering and procurement process, a fairer and more transparent playing field. In order to achieve this, we offer a full suite of bid consultancy services. As well as our Tender Writing and free Tender VLE platform, we offer three additional services;

Tender Ready

The Tender Ready programme was designed to ensure that we can support businesses of all sizes. The programme includes the creation of all the corporate literature that your business will need to tender for work. Additionally, the package includes support to identify the opportunities that best suit your business. Once you have identified the perfect tender for your business, the package also includes the full management of your first bid. Alternatively, if you choose to write your first bid internally, our consultants can guide you through the process.

Book a free consultation to see how the Tender Ready programme can help you take the first step on your tendering journey.

Tender Improvement

Our Tender Improvement service caters to businesses who are already bidding for work but not seeing the desired success. During this service, our consultants will assess your previous tender responses and highlight any areas of improvement. This also includes an analysis of your corporate literature to see if opportunities are being missed. Once the service is complete, our Bid Writers can either write your next bid on your behalf or guide you through two.

Get in touch to see how the Tender Improvement programme can help your business grow.

Tender Mentor

As with any of our bid management consultancy services, we cannot stress enough the importance of reviewing before submitting. Too often, we have heard stories of businesses who did not implement a thorough reviewing process and received unsuccessful results. Our Tender Mentor service will act as your second pair of expert eyes. Our consultants will review your tender responses and assess the content against the specification. This will ensure that your responses answer the specification and impress the buyer. They will also proofread your content, checking for any spelling or grammatical errors that could result in lost marks.

Why choose Hudson Succeed?

Hudson is a global provider of tendering and procurement solutions. Our products and services inspire all size businesses to adopt best practice.

In the past 12 months, we have increased our success rate from 83% to 87%. We’ve done this by helping clients make sensible decisions. Ultimately, your success is our success. We are invested in helping your business grow.

We are multi-disciplinary Bid Writers with a vast range of industry knowledge. While we never claim to be experts in one particular industry, we are experts in bid writing. We know how to submit a winning bid and we understand how to impress a buyer.

Our open and friendly approach is always appreciated by our clients. We want to build great relationships that will last for years to come.

Our passion is business development. We help our clients to achieve this by providing a bid management consultancy service that eases up their workload so they can focus on their passion.
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