Converge is a business collective and a leading publisher of business news, advice and opinion articles. 

We provide the business world with free, useful and valuable information. We do that by bringing together like-minded businesses, with expertise from a variety of sectors to produce that information. It's obvious that the more prepared and educated people are in business, the higher the likelihood is that they'll be successful – which is something we all want to see, isn't it?

We want the Converge collective to be filled with businesses who believe exactly that, and who want to join in to help us deliver on our aim, no matter how big or small they are. In return for a business's support of the platform, we offer the tools that will allow them to promote their expertise through truly valuable, educational and insightful content.

Converge is a place to share what you know with an engaged audience, and a collective of businesses that believe what you do:- that the world is a better, more successful place when we learn and grow together.

To achieve our aims, we've created a business development platform that contains the tools and features businesses need to promote their products and services, while also providing platforms that a large, professional audience can engage with to educate themselves on a variety of B2B topics.

Engage Magazine is a business publication that contains only educational and insightful content. Nothing time-sensitive makes it into the magazine to ensure it stays as useful and as relevant as possible for as long as possible. Members of the collective can write for the magazine, and a large audience of professionals have access to printed copies that are distributed in large numbers, for free, across the North East.

Converge.today is an online content hub and directory that, for members of the collective, contains a number of valuable features that businesses can use to connect with each other and educate an audience of B2B professionals while promoting their products and services. Unlike Engage Magazine, the Converge website is perfect for time-sensitive news stories and press releases, as each published article reaches our audience immediately.

Our audience can enjoy all the content on the website, browse the business directory, and sign up for the latest events all for free. Members can post stories and events, study real-time analytics, request meetings, and refer and recommend each other, all from an exclusive member's section of the website.

Rendezvous networking events are free events held on a monthly basis around the North East. Each event is highlighted by a couple of educational talks, ensuring attendees leave each event having learned something that they can actually apply to their business. Businesses in attendance also have ample networking time to establish new relationships and generate new business.

Some of our current members include prestigious companies and organisations such as Sage, Emirates, The Regus Group, Yorkshire Bank, Watson Burton and Sunderland AFC. Please feel free to browse the member directory to see which other businesses have joined us and, if you're interested in learning more about Converge, please give us a call on 0191 404 6856 or email us at info@converge.today.

If you'd like to request an invitation to join our membership, please click here.